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What are the Pistons Doing?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

After Trading Andre Drummond last week, fans have wondered what the Pistons are doing. I think it can be boiled down to three viewpoints.

Viewpoint #1: AHHHHHHHHHHH

Panic! We did a whole bunch of things! It didn’t work! PRESS THE RED BUTTON!


Viewpoint #2: The Rebuild Plan.

We’ve given this a considerable amount of thought. We now decided of over a decade of finishing just below mediocre that maybe this direction isn’t working.


Viewpoint #3: Plan?

“Nobody panics when things go “according to plan”. Even if the plan is horrifying!” – The Joker in The Dark Knight


Personally, I believe in viewpoint three. They are saying they have a plan to quell the panic that Pistons fans should be having.

Why did this happen?

Blake Griffin

Ultimately, moving Andre is a financial move forced by Blake Griffin’s ridiculous contract. If someone is 6’10” or taller with knees problems, under no circumstances are you to pay them big money. History has shown time and time again that those players get hurt often and production drops. This rule should apply even more so to players over 30. Sorry Piston fans that believe in Blake. Trading for this man set the franchise back 5 years. He is not a championship type player. He is a stat padder like Russel Westbrook. All style and no substance.

Please Don’t:

1. Trade Luke

I have this horrible feeling they will trade Luke because “We have Svi who can shoot threes. Why would we need more than one player that can shoot threes? It’s not like any team built around shooting threes has ever won 3 out of 4 titles and certainly not recently. Where would you even find a team like that? Oakland?”

2. Resign Reggie Jackson

NIGHTMARE! Reggie will play really well done the stretch because A. There are no stakes and B. He is playing for a new contract. This situation is ideal for a player like Reggie Jackson. He is like “Finally! It doesn’t matter if we win or lose anymore. I can go fill up the stat sheet, get my new contract, and then go back to half-assing it out there.”

3. Play Vets Big Minutes

I feel like this could happen. Why play anyone, other than Derrick Rose of course, under 26 years of age? Is playing Markieff Morris a part of this master plan? It shouldn’t be.

Please Do:

1. Be patient with cap space.


i. Josh Smith

ii. Ben Gordon

iii. Charlie Villanueva

iv. Jodie Meeks

v. Langston Galloway

vi. Reggie Jackson

vii. Need I go on?

2. Play the Young Guys

Let them get out there and make mistakes. Let them grow. “But Chad! We will lose more games that way!” So? We are already losing games. If you are going to lose, lose with a purpose. Plus, a poor record will lead to a better draft pick.

3. Sign Cheap Veteran Leadership

Sign guys that do not need major minutes next year. Add players that can teach players how to work and how to win. Reggie Jackson thinks that’s him. He’s the night club singer showing the new act the ropes. He can show you how to be where you are already at not how to be the best version of yourself. Sorry Reggie, but if this was Purple Rain, you are that random white band at the beginning that sings the only song that no one remembers from that movie.

I get it. They had to move on from Andre. I am still skeptical that they won't do something else to set the Piston's rebuild back even further. Most General Managers with cap space are like three-year-olds with an allowance. They will go buy a bunch of crap instead of saving it for something worthwhile. We probably just traded a King Size Kit Kat for a couple of stale Tootsie Rolls the manager found under the counter with wrapping from 1983.

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