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Cocaine Bear: Yup, That's Pretty Much it

Cocaine Bear is a very Elizabeth Banks (director) movie. So, it's funny. I mean, come on, cocaine bear. The humor is quick and silly. The film, however, is much more violent than I anticipated—Whoops, cocaine bear. Honestly, there's not much to say, so I'll be quick.

The ensemble cast is funny. Christian Convery (Harrison) steals the show. It's awful, but watching a child cuss and try cocaine is actually kind of funny. O'Shea Jackson Jr., Alden Ehrenreich, and Margo Martindale are also entertaining. Isiah Whitlock Jr. is also fun as the "80s-film-cop-stereotype." Then, of course, rest in peace, Ray Liotta. Also, Keri Russell is in the film. Cool beans.

None of the characters are quite "real" people, and the film doesn't take place in "reality," but I think we've been missing the "comedy for the sake of comedy" film. Literally, go to the theatre, watch a bear do cocaine, and hilarity ensues. That's it.

The film features a lot of stereotypes about southern culture. They use it for humor and don't overdo it. The film doesn't take itself seriously, but the accents cracked me up. Also, the haircuts. Geez, what a silly movie.



5: Life-changing

4: Great experience

3: Solid popcorn flick

2: I wish I was at home.

1: Humankind is a distinct evil that never deserved to be here.

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