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Creed III is the one film you must see in March

Creed III might be the best in the trilogy. Michael B. Jordan takes the helm in his directorial debut, turning the page on the Rocky part of the story. Sylvester Stallone has merit in being angry about the franchise and what the producers did, but I think it works out anyway. The story no longer needed legacy characters to advance the story. Adonis, Bianca, and Amara helm the story in this family drama. The central drama comes from family dynamics and a character from Creed's past, Damian Anderson. The days of needing Rocky and Apollo are gone. That's not to say they couldn't use them in future projects, but Adonis now has a world of his own.

Michael B. Jordan crushes it with his performance and direction. Tessa Thompson also has a memorable performance. The scenes between her and Jordan are particularly strong. Mila Davis-Kent also does an outstanding job. The family communicates with sign language. Not only does the story use sign language, but it makes sure to use it for some unique storytelling. The audience must listen and engage in ways that make us pay closer attention to the characters.

Then, of course, Jonathan Majors. This guy is incredible. Everything is so authentic. His character, Damian Anderson, goes through a fantastic journey. I hated him and felt for him. Boxing movies need great antagonists. His performance set up a unique experience at the movie theater. People were cheering each time Creed landed a punch on Damion. That's the mark of good acting and directing to me.

The final match between the friends turned foes makes some unique choices. The crowd at the fight disappears, we see the fighters as children, and we see their point of view of the fight and relationship. The best fights in stories are the ones that are extensions of the story at large. The Rocky and Creed films have done an excellent job of tying the fights to the characters' journeys. Creed III's finale is undoubtedly the best in this franchise and stands up to the best fights of the Rocky films.

So far, it is the best thing I've seen at the movie theater this year.



5: Life-changing

4: Great experience

3: Solid popcorn flick

2: I wish I was at home.

1: Humankind is a distinct evil that never deserved to be here.

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