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Marlowe's style diminishes the story

So, I went to check out Marlowe. I enjoyed the noir style and the witty, romantic dialogue. However, the pacing and even-pitched choices make it difficult to follow the story. With no peaks and valleys, the film creates no tension. Interest, yes, but no tension.

This problem is a difficult one. Can the noir style be taken to the highest level? It seems not. Is the purpose that we, the audience, should feel isolated and cold about the story and its characters? If so, that's a hard sell.

Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, Jessica Lange, Danny Huston, and Alan Cumming deliver solid performances. They are mysterious and witty, fulfilling their style duties. Huston and Cumming, however, give the best performances. Playing villains, it seems, gives a little respite from the dead-pan wit. Their lack of calm gives them away as villains and simultaneously makes them interesting and funny.

My Sunday night could have been better spent, but I don't entirely regret seeing it. I like style more and more of late. It still requires substance, though.



5: Life-changing

4: Great experience

3: Solid popcorn flick

2: I wish I was at home.

1: Humankind is a distinct evil that never deserved to be here.

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